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Free Museums and Art Galleries in Oslo: The Complete Guide


Oslo may be one of the most expensive cities in the world, but there are plenty of places visitors can visit for free. If you love wandering around art galleries and museums as much as I do, you’ll be happy to know Oslo has plenty of these, but you may have to visit at a certain time to avoid the cost.

Free Museums in Oslo

Oslo City Museum

The Museum of Oslo celebrates Oslo’s history through the ages through sculptures, paintings and photographs. It is located in Frogner Park, so you can explore the Vigeland Sculpture Park on the same trip.
Free entry on the first Saturday of each month. Closed on Mondays. Frognerveien 67, 0266 Oslo, Norway.

Labour Museum

A small museum with free entry located along the Akerselva river. The museum tells the tales of people who lived and worked in Oslo’s old factories. There are free guided tours of the exhibitions and surrounding areas on the weekend at noon and 2 pm.
Free entry. Only open on weekends. Sagveien 28, 0459 Oslo, Norway.

Intercultural Museum

It is located in an Old Police station in Grønland, a multi-cultural area of Oslo and also where you can probably buy the cheapest beer. The exhibitions are modern and interactive, documenting the history of immigration in Norway.

There is also a very instagrammable room called “you are not alone”, made out of mirrors. This museum puts in perspective the life of others around the world and aims at eliminating prejudice.
Free entry. Closed on Mondays. Tøyenbekken 5, 0188 Oslo, Norway.

Oslo Fire Museum

Only a 5-minute walk from the Intercultural Museum at the old fire station in Grønland. A city traditionally made out of wood has witnessed many fires throughout history. This museum, run by volunteers, honours the firemen and equipment used to put those fires out.
Free entry. Only open Wednesdays, 11:00 – 14:00. Grønlandsleiret 32, 0190 Oslo, Norway.

Oslo School Museum

A small museum where you can learn about the development of the Oslo school system throughout the last millennia.
Free entry. Only open Thursdays. Møllergata 49, 0179 Oslo, Norway.

Film Museum

Anyone interested in cinematography should visit this museum, which displays important pieces from Norwegian film history including advertisements, costumes and props. There are parts of this museum that are interactive, and if you can also watch a film at their on-site cinema.
Free entry. Open all days. Dronningens gate 16, 0152 Oslo, Norway.

Free Art Galleries in Oslo


The oldest privately owned art gallery in Norway, which now over 100 Norwegian artists contribute to. You can go check out the current exhibitions or join a talk by some of the artists.
Free entry. Closed on Mondays. Kjeld Stubs gate 3, 0160 Oslo, Norway.

Galleri Brandstrup

A contemporary art gallery established in 2000 and located in Tjuvholmen, which showcases work from groundbreaking Norwegian artists.
Free entry. Open Tuesday-Saturday. Tjuvholmen allé 5, 0252 Oslo, Norway.

Galleri Format Oslo

Displaying contemporary art by Norwegian and international artists.
Free entry. Closed on Mondays. Rådhusgaten 24, 0151 Oslo, Norway.

Oslo Kunstforening

This contemporary art gallery is located in the oldest preserved buildings in one of Oslo’s oldest areas, Kvadraturen. This gallery has displayed emerging Norwegian artists and international artists who have not had their work previously shown in Norway for over 180 years.
Free entry. Closed on Mondays. Rådhusgata 19, 0158 Oslo, Norway.

Kunsthall Oslo

Aims to promote contemporary art and culture. They occasionally hold free workshops for all ages, where you can make your own piece of art to take home.
Free entry. Closed on Mondays. Rostockgata 2-4, 0191 Oslo, Norway.

Utopia Retro Modern

Gallery exhibiting very cool retro furniture from the 20th century, focusing on Norweigan design. If I had a home and money, I think I would furnish my whole house with items from this place!
Free entry. Closed Mondays and Sundays. Bygdøy allé 60, 0265 Oslo, Norway.

Galleri K

Galleri K was established by Kristin and Ben Frija in 1977. It is a contemporary gallery with many exhibitions.
Free entry. Closed on Mondays. Bjørn Farmanns gate 2, 0271 Oslo, Norway.

Kunstverket Galleri

This gallery focuses on graphics by Norwegian artists, with new exhibitions every month.
Free entry. Closed Mondays and Sundays. Kirkegata 5, 0153 Oslo, Norway.

Galleri Norske Grafikere

A gallery of prints from present Norwegian artists.
Free entry. Closed on Mondays. Tollbugata 24, 0157 Oslo, Norway.

Gallery Albin Upp

This gallery is located in a beautiful old farmers house from the 19th century. You can enjoy the contemporary art pieces or grab something to eat at their cafe.
Free entry. Closed on Mondays. Briskebyveien 42, 0259 Oslo, Norway.

Galleri Heer

Contemporary art from a wide range of artists. The gallery prides itself on non-discriminatory displays, with artists coming from all backgrounds.
Free entry. Open Wednesday – Sunday. Seilduksgata 4, 0553 Oslo, Norway.

Galleri ROM

Promotes innovative and modern art and architecture. Alongside exhibitions, you can join various talks and lectures.
Free entry. Open Wednesday – Sunday. Maridalsveien 3, 0178 Oslo, Norway.

Galleri Haaken

Established in the 60’s, this art gallery has exhibited work from many well-known Norwegian artists.
Free entry. Open Wednesday – Sunday. Tjuvholmen allé 23, 0252 Oslo, Norway.

Peder Lund

Not far from Galleri Haaken is the gallery of art dealer Peder Lund, which displays modern and contemporary art.
Free entry. Open Wednesday – Saturday. Tjuvholmen allé 27, 0252 Oslo, Norway.

Galleri Mini

This gallery focuses on displaying work from young artists.
Free entry. Closed Sunday. Munkegata 1, 0656 Oslo, Norway.

Galleri LNM

This gallery shows 11 different exhibitions a year, so if you’re revisiting Oslo there will be something new each time.
Free entry. Closed Mondays. Kongens gate 2, 0153 Oslo, Norway.

Galleri Ramfjord

There are three exhibition spaces to explore in this gallery, which displays art from both young and established artists.
Free entry. Open Wednesday – Sunday. Schwensens gate 1, 0170 Oslo, Norway.

WILLAS contemporary

An art space showcasing primarily photography. There is also a bookshop which you can have a wander around.
Free entry. Open Tuesday – Saturday. Hieronymus Heyerdahls gate 1, 0160 Oslo, Norway.


Walk amongst the artists at work and learn from their processes.
Free entry. Open Wednesday – Sunday. Hegdehaugsveien 12A, 0167 Oslo, Norway.


This gallery has art ranging from your standard canvases to your humble coffee mug. Perfect if you’re looking for unique gifts.
Free entry. Open all days. Grüners gate 3, 0552 Oslo, Norway.

Fotografiens Hus

The ‘photography house’ displays contemporary work from the Norwegian Association of Photographers.
Free entry. Closed Mondays. Rådhusgata 20, 0151 Oslo, Norway.


Another gallery for photography lovers. This gallery has worked tirelessly to promote photography as an art form both institutionally and culturally.
Free entry. Open Wednesday – Sunday. Møllergata 34, 0179 Oslo, Norway.

Galleri Dobloug

Over two floors of art for you to get lost amongst.
Free entry. Closed Mondays. St. Olavs Gate 13, 0165 Oslo, Norway.

RAM Galleri

Established by the Society of Fine Art Photographers, KORO, Norwegian Textile Artists, and The Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts. This gallery has a mixture of pieces on display.
Free entry. Closed Mondays. Thorvald Meyers gate 51, 0555 Oslo, Norway.

Gerhardsen Gerner

Displays of art from high-profile artists, both Norwegian and international.
Free entry. Open Wednesday – Saturday. Fru Kroghs brygge 4, Tjuvholmen allé, 0252 Oslo, Norway.


A bookstore and contemporary gallery promoting Norwegian artists.
Free entry. Open Tuesday – Saturday. Waldemar Thranes gate 86 C, 0175 Oslo, Norway.

QB Gallery

This gallery houses a range of contemporary works from both established artists and emerging young talent.
Free entry. Open Tuesday – Saturday. Tordenskiolds gate 5, 0160 Oslo, Norway.

Soft Galleri

The clue is in the name. This gallery focuses on fabric and textile art and is the home for the National Organisation for Textile Artists.
Free entry. Closed Mondays. Rådhusgata 20, 0151 Oslo, Norway.

Oslo City Hall

This building is rich in history and displays beautiful art pieces on its walls and interesting sculptures. There are also free tour groups which will bring you up to date with the history of the place.
Free entry. Open all days. Rådhusplassen 1, 0037 Oslo, Norway.

Pushwagner Gallery

Pushwagner is an important figure in the Norwegian art scene, known for his brightly coloured pop art. Sadly, he passed away earlier this year, but this gallery showcases some of his finest work, a living memory of the great artist.
Free entry. Open all days. Tjuvholmen alle 10, 0252, Oslo, Norway.

Hausmania Culture House

A very trendy place that facilitates a space for artists and musicians. The backyard is frequented by Oslo Dub Club, and the house itself is home to three galleries, four theatre groups, an MC club, a skateboard hall, a craft workshop, an internet café, a book café, a library, a cinema and much more.
Free entry. Open all days. Hausmanns gate 34, 0182 Oslo, Norway.


It would take more than a few days to enjoy all the museums and art galleries you can visit in Oslo for free, but if you’re a culture enthusiast who wants more, you can buy an Oslo Pass which gives you free entry to many of the major museums and attractions.

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